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AC Power

The Matrix-12 can operate on AC power between 95-130 volts or 200-240 volts, depending upon the setting of the recessed power selector switch, located on the rear panel near the AC receptacle. The Matrix-12 is shipped from the factory set for local AC.

The small, rectangular AC receptacle on the back panel will be protected by a metal-foil cover. Remove this cover, plug the female end of the AC cord into the Matric-12 and the male end into your wall outlet.

Turn on the Matrix-12 with the power switch next to the power socket on the back panel. Does the power switch light up? Do the front panel displays light up? If not, check your connections.

Audio Connections and Sound System

Connect the Matrix-12 to a mixing board, hi-fi system, instrument amplifier, or a sound system using the stereo or mono mixed outputs. The Matrix-12's Outputs can be plugged into a Line Input, or an attenuated Microphone Input. Each of the twelve Voices can be panned in the stereo mix.

Connect the instrument to your sound system before powering on the Matrix-12. The Hoop-Up diagram above will assist you in setting up the Matrix-12, showing the different connections that are possible with the back panel jacks as described in the next session titled Back Panel Functions.

MIDI Connections

Also before powering on the Matrix-12, connect the synthesizer to the other MIDI instruments that you plan to use in the system. These can be other MIDI synthesizers, a MIDI guitar synthesizer or MIDI guitar interface, a MIDI -equipped sequencer, drum machine or computer, or a MIDI keyboard controller.

The order in which you power on your instruments is important. First, turn on the Matrix-12 with its volume control set to its minimum (knob fully counter-clockwise). Next, turn on the synthesizer or MIDI Controller that will drive theMatrix-12 (if applicable). Then turn the sound system on - the mixer should be turned on first then the power amplifier. Powering on in this order will prevent a possible malfunction in the MIDI connections or a possible audio "thump" from harming your speaker(s). When shutting down your system, reverse the order - turn off the power amplifier, then the mixer, then the Matrix-12 and the rest of your keyboards.

Care & Maintenance

For proper care and handling, do not expose your Matrix-12 to direct sunlight or to temperatures above 120 degrees F (48.9 degrees C).

Should your Matrix-12 require cleaning, use a soft cloth with mild soap (such as dishwashing liquid) and luke-warm water. Spray-type window cleaners are acceptable but do not spray the synthesizer directly - spray the cloth first then clean the Matrix-12. Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents or solvents. We do not recommend vinyl-treatment products that leave a residue.


Should your Matrix-12 need servicing, do not attempt repairs yourself. Contact your nearest ECC/Oberheim Authorized Service Center.

Be sure to save your patches to Cassette before you take your Matrix-12 in and repairs are started. This will be your "back-up" should the synthesizer's memory be lost during the repair. It is a good idea to make a habit of saving your data routinely. Refer to the section "Control: Master page" later in the manual. The procedure for saving your programs to tape is described in the CASS section in Part 2.